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Opinion: Put Peace on the Pickle

I come from the Islands of Britain where we find ourselves in a major pickle.

We have a few short years to solve defossilisation, food security, reformation of the economic system and to redress a lot of badwill being stirred up by our Brexit and all the austerity our Island peoples suffer from.

We can fix this if we remember what we have and why we are here. We ave a great place to live. We are Peace-loving and pragmatic. Let’s focus on what we want and from that take responsibility for our communities and our Islands. Starting with where we live.

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Opinion: the biggest business opportunity on the planet is Peace

What the business of business is has long been debated. Put simply people might say businesses provide services that people need in a way that employs people and gives them wages so they can buy what they in turn need.

If that is the case, it isn’t working very well is it? Zero hours contacts, wages below minimum, and jobs outsourced all mean that people don’t have money in their pockets to buy the necessities. That depresses the market, reduces demand and that reduces business opportunities. And it looks as if people are stressed and depressed – even those with jobs and money. Could it be that business is actually missing what people actually want?