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Peace Story: finding peace in prison

In 1993 Sean took the life of another human being. He spent 21 years in prison for murder. Whilst in prison, he started to look for answers. How could he have allowed himself to get to the point where he believed it was okay to commit this crime? He began with God. When he was introduced to the Peace Education Program he realized he was looking for peace in all the wrong areas. He was looking everywhere but inside of himself. Prem Rawat’s teachings told him that real peace was inside. After he was released from prison, the lessons of peace in the program were so powerful that he started to work as a facilitator of the Peace Education Program.

News, Peace Stories

Peace Story: Foodshare Nottingham

Foodshare in Nottingham UK sees more and more people desperate for food going to food banks. To help these food banks provide fresh, nutritious food, they organise food growing in schools in a way that integrates into the curriculum. Children learn about climate and sustainability and get to be helpful to their community.

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Peace Story: Music and cultural events to promote peace

Cultural expressions of peace that look beyond religion to the basic values all humans share can promote peace. Retreat director and musician Peter Elmberg set out to create a music event that would reflect the universal quality of peace and be appropriate to be performed in churches , mosques, synagogues etc. as well as at public halls and at events at his retreat center form a meeting place for people of many different backgrounds to come together.