Current status

Invest in Peace is today an initiative supported by TSSEF and Initiatives of Change, Sweden.

We are a small group working to develop the vision and to develop an organisation and activities that support individuals and organisations in their peace efforts.

We are at the dialogue stage. The aim of the dialogue is to understand who we can work with and how we can work, and at the same time inspire as many as possible to just consider the possibility of peace.

To aid dialogue we have created a Peace Bank. The purpose of the Peace Bank is to collect vital information on those organisations working in some way for peace. Invest in Peace will aim to support these organisations with, for example, networking and funding.

As part of envisioning and ushering in a culture of peace, we have set up a Peace Year Calendar, which we are starting to fill with Peace events and commemoration days around the world.

If you would like to join in the dialogue, or would like your organisation registered in the Peace Bank, please contact us via the contact page or join our Facebook group.

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