Peace Bank terms of reference

Peace is our priority, our shared project. We – Humanity – are in this together.

What is the Peace Bank?

Peace Bank is a simple database of organisations that suport Peace in some way. Potential partners and supporters can search the database to find contact details and how member organizations work to promote Peace

How does an organization join?

Simply complete the application form on our website.

We create a database entry based on your information and publish it after approval.

For the full benefit of membership we ask you to sign a Memorandum of Understanding which outlines the commitment on both sides to give publicity to all Peace Bank members and the Peace Bank.

Registration status

What levels of membership are there?

Registered non-verified: This entry is often done by us when we discover your organisation. We put together a database entry or get a suggestion from your organisation. The entry is unverified until we receive official confirmation from your organisation that the information is correct and that your organisation is happy to be listed.

Registered, Verified. As above, but verified with official confirmation from your organisation.

Peace Partner. As above plus your organisation has signed an M.O.U (memorandum of understanding) and agreed to promote the Peace Bank.


What are the benefits?

The Peace bank helps organizations explain and promote how their activities contribute to our shared project of Peace. Joining the Bank will help you, we hope, attract more interest from volunteers, supporters, partners and funders.

Peace Stories – how we share your good news.

The world needs inspiring stories. Peace Bank members share stories of what they have done to promote peace, how it worked out and what others can learn.

We publish the stories via our website and newsletter.

More functions

The Peace Bank also supports your organization in doing more for peace with:

Regular virtual meetings that give you an opportunity to network and share experiences with other peace Bank organizations. This opens up for:

  •   New partnerships
  •   Projects
  •   Supporters
  •   Finance

The Peace News newsletter, distributed to all Peace Bank members’ channels, increases your audience and spreads news about your organization as Peace Stories

The webinar series which increases your audience reach by providing a platform for your message to audiences new and old

Invest in Peace events – further opportunities to engage  

The Invest in Peace Fund, currently under development, will offer grants and l