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Item Resource
The basics of running world cafés  The seven principles

A design primer  (Cafe to go)

PechaChuka – the 20 slide – 20 second powerpoint presentation methodology  Main site

pechakucha template PPT

People who are good at running World Cafés World Cafe Community

The Art of Hosting

Some good videos on how peace is within us from Prem Rawat. 

Nordic peace conference address

 Material on Peace Dojos and practicing peace

Toke Meuller’s Blog


The questions to help you plan Peace Cafes Click Link

Questions for planning a peace cafe
– are the main audience?
– is their situation ?
– do they want?
– Questions would you ask?
WHY hold a café?
– would you hold the café? When can they come?
– would you invite them?
– would you make it more attractive?
– would you invite them?

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