Peace Promotor: Ladislaus Horatius


Name:   Ladislaus Horatius

Type: Ladislaus is a classical pianist, composer, philosopher and lecturer.

Mission Statement: Let’s walk the peace talk and fill peace with Venusian qualities (art, beauty, balance, harmony)

Peace-promoting activities:
* Website with Ladislaus’ original research about the nature of peace and war
* Concerts and salons, exploring the analog potential of social intercourse in our digital world
* Lectures and workshops
* Compositions with peace as theme

Short description:

Ladislaus’ work aims to explore the possibilities (and problems) of peace from different angles — not least from a musical standpoint.

First, construction of a “peace map” so we can better survey the terrain of peace and war. Then we need to understand the spirit of the times, see why “the Devil has the best tunes” and why war seems so much more interesting. “Mindfulosophy” concerns itself with making conversation benign (it often devolves into debate). And finally we need gender peace; defuse the tension between the sexes.