The Manifesto


Invest in Peace MANIFESTO

Version one 2015-03-20


We recognise:

that Peace is not simply the absence of war; it is a positive state that we as humans have a natural longing for. Peace also underpins prosperity. By promoting peace, individuals and organizations lay the foundations for prosperity.

We see the need for:

more channels and mechanisms to actively invest in activities, projects, businesses and other initiatives that foster and promote peace. Security of food, water and shelter are key. The prosperity generated by these activities benefits all, society and its organizations as well as future generations.

We call upon individuals and organizations to collaborate in any way they can to invest in peace at three levels:

  • the personal level, to support individuals’ development,
  • community level to ensure shared security of basic needs
  • national and global level, to remove underlying causes of stresses that cause suffering and conflict.

and make a start now in any way, small or large.



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